Basket Details: #24 Clean Up Your Act

#24 Clean Up Your Act

Donated by Pat Mollock & Life Care Center of Littleton's Housekeeping Department

-General 3-Hour Housecleaning
-Toilet Bowl Brush
-Dust Pan
-Brillo Pads
-Heavy Duty Scrub Brushes
-Kitchen Bags
-Garbage Bags
-Dish Brush
-3 Dish Rags
-Love My Carpet Deodorizer
-Tile & Shower Cleaner
-Fabulosso w/Bleach Cleaner
-Bathroom Cleaner
-Air Fresheners
-Green Scrubbing Pads
-Pink Laundry Basket

This basket is courtesy of Individuals.

This basket's winner is: Dan Brondel!