Basket Details: #13 Craving Culver's

#13 Craving Culver's

#13 Craving Culver’s Donated by Culver’s on Broadway -“Be Our Guest” Free Regular Value Meal Basket Coupon x2 -“Be Our Guest” Free Kids Meal Coupon x2 -“Be Our Guest” Free Cheese Curd Coupon x2 -“Be Our Guest” Free 1 Scoop Sundae Coupon x2 -“Curdis” Cheese Curd Mascot Plush -Blue Culvers Reusable Water Bottle -“Scoopie” ice cream cone mascot plush -Deck of culvers playing cards -Size small black “Team Curd” t-shirt -Blue Culvers football -Black fake “nerd” glasses x3 -Yellow “Team Curd” full size backpack

This basket is courtesy of Culver's .

This basket's winner is: Rebecca Watt!